Post-It Notes for Sequencing & Answering “When” Questions

I am convinced that if I needed to, I could just do therapy solely with office supplies!  (“Lint-pocket therapy,” I like to call it).

Post-It Notes are among my most essential office-supplies turned therapy-tools for a few reasons.

First, when my data sheets aren’t handy I take data on them.  In a pinch, they serve as hall passes for the junior high kids, “basketballs” for the hoop that is the trash bin, and temporary labels for all sorts of things.  However, one of my favorite things to do with post-it notes is to draw on them.

I am constantly drawing visual aids that are specifically customized to the words my students and I are using.

This impromptu drawing is really helpful for the students that have trouble visualizing and I’ve found it to be a must for those who also have trouble sequencing the events in a story.

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