Update Speech and Language Homework for your Whole Caseload Online!

speech homeworkI just asked this question on social media, “Does anyone have an electronic system for sending homework to students? I’m thinking something where parents and students can log in and select the homework just for that student without seeing anyone else’s. If so, how does that work for confidentiality?”

Thirty minutes later, I came up with my own solution: I found a way through Google Drive.  It may be a bit tedious to set up for a whole caseload, but afterward you can update homework quickly and easily and have an ongoing record (we know how SLPs love those).


Step 1: Create a folder and name it (I chose “2015 Speech/Language Homework”).

Step 2: Share the folder under the setting “Anyone with the link can view” (don’t worry, we’ll make it so they can’t see other students’ info).

Step 3: Copy the “Sharable URL”

Step 4: Add Google Docs or Google Spreadsheets or even other sub-folders to your main folder (1 for each student) and name them accordingly. (I’m naming mine by each student’s name since no one else will see them and it will make them easier for me to find when updating homework).

Step 5: Go into the share settings for that individual document/sheet/folder and change the permissions to “OFF – only certain people.”

Step 6: Go to “Advanced Settings” and add JUST the student/parent that the document/sub-folder is for!!!

Step 7: Post the Sharable URL to your website or e-mail signature for easy access for parents and students (and for yourself when you want to update and assign new homework).  You will be able to see ALL of the students’ folders/docs form that link but each parent and student will only be able to see their own files since you removed all of the others from their permissions while leaving access for that one family on that one file.

(Further notes on the options: If you chose to do a Doc, you may want to do “Insert Comment” to leave info on new assignments, that way the student will receive an e-mail when something new is there. If you do a spreadsheet instead, you can show the students how to set up “notification rules” through the tools menu to get an e-mail when you update it. The reason I suggested doing a whole folder is in case you want to upload other files and practice materials for specific students and house them there. Otherwise, you could just upload all practice materials to the main homework folder for all to see. You can leave links to specific files in each student’s document).

Remember, Google for Education is FERPA compliant.  (I’ve already spoken to my district’s attorneys about it).  ASHA says that in the school system, we only need to worry about being FERPA compliant, not HIPAA compliant (click here for more details).  However, if you get your own Google for business account, you can easily become HIPAA compliant by signing a BAA with Google.


Summer Speech/Language Homework

During my 6 years as an SLP in the public schools, I’ve served various populations.

  • Early Childhood (3-5 years old)
  • Elementary School (grades K-5)
  • Junior High School (grades 6-8)
  • Resource Students
  • Educational Life Skills Students
  • Special schooling for students with severe impairments, etc.

Usually, I am able to find cute homework calendars to send home with students to keep up their communication skills over the summer.  However, when I began to look for things that would be age appropriate for my older resource students, there were slim pickings (and when I say “slim pickings” I mean materials that claimed to be for older kids but actually were quite babyish in appearance or activity suggestions;  I knew these wouldn’t fly with my students).

Seeing no other serious options, I decided to make my own!

I began by putting together some articulation activities for the most common sounds still in error with older kids – /s/, /z/, and /r/.
Then I added the *ever-elusive* language activities appropriate for older students to work on at home that they might actually be motivated to do!

…and here it is folks, my first summer activity packet for Junior High and High School Students:

After having this packet available online for a year, I decided to beef it up with some articulation worksheets,suggestions for pragmatic activities, fluency reminders, along with a sign-off sheet to add more accountability for practicing each skill.  This packet includes some of the best products available in my TeachersPayTeachers store bundled into one convenient packet that could actually be used for summer homework or for therapy during the regular school year.

Grab your Deluxe Summer Homework Packet for Older Speech/Language Students here:

If you’re looking for great calendars for younger students or other populations, check out some of the wonderful resources listed in this SLP Summer Homework Linky Party hosted by Bright Ideas SLP!


SLP Summer Homework Linky PartySLP Summer Homework Linky Party