Data Organization – HOW TO

I’ve been through many systems of data collection and organization, including the usual binders, folders, and note pads, but here’s what I’ve found to work the best:

I use color coded pages (by day of the week) sticking up out of a file cart that I keep right next to my desk.

Here’s a photo of the cart.

data cart

Here is the data sheet that I use:

EASY Percentages Data Sheet for 3 kids

I even made a youtube video on how to use it!

Click here to get a download the data sheet.

I just copy it onto different colored paper (e.g., gold = Tuesday, pink = Wednesday, blue = Thursday). I arrange the data sheets in order of when I see the kid and write the group number in the corner. I like to have them sticking up so I can easily glance and grab the one I need and put it back at the end of the session. When one sheet is filled up, I place it down into the file folder and have a new blank sheet sticking up.

On the bottom of the cart, I keep some of my most frequently used worksheets, like ones from EET, some 1-page reading passages, /r/ and /s/ articulation sheets, etc.

It’s so handy and it’s the only system that has lasted me this long!