Speech & Language

Many of my posts will be dedicated to my beloved career as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Yes, I know that’s a long title but I appreciate you saying the whole thing every time.  “Every time?”  Yes, every time!

“But, can’t I just call you a Speech Therapist?”  If you must, but that completely leaves out the LANGUAGE part of my job.  A lot of what I do involves working on grammar, vocabulary, comprehension skills, memory, and more.  Those are really language skills and not SPEECH.  Speech is how we pronounce sounds, the quality of our voices, how smoothly we speak, and things like that.

“Okay, I think I understand.  Can I call you a Speech Teacher?”   Absolutely NOT!!!  I am not a teacher.  I didn’t train to be a teacher.  I have no background in teaching.  My job involves coaching people to better communication skills, regardless of age.  I’ve worked with everyone from infants to the elderly.  I just so happen to work in the school system right now, but that doesn’t make me a teacher any more than being a receptionist in a hospital would make me a doctor.

“Fiiiine, …but I can still call you an SLP for short, right?”  I suppose.  I’ll accept that one 😉




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