Tomorrow is my 2nd wedding anniversary!  YAY!!!

My husband an I borrowed a great idea from one of his co-workers.  Instead of each getting each other a pricey gift, we’re going in together on a joint gift to ourselves for our home.  This year, we are getting a beautiful glass desk that we’ve been eyeing for months.  Unfortunately, it won’t arrive until next week, but I’ve made my peace with that (after giving customer service a piece of my mind for originally telling me that it would arrive 2 weeks before our anniversary).

We’re also going out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and of course, I’ll be getting beautified tomorrow.

Feeling happy 🙂

us at Kenwood



HI! I’m Autumn Dawn

I’ve been very resistant to the idea of blogging.  Before the internet, I was resistant to the idea of keeping a diary or journal.  I see blogs as the same thing, but in electronic form, but I’ve decided to stop being stubborn and give this a go.  Here I go…