What does your online SLP name say about you?

whats_in_a_nameThe bevy of SLP stores, blogs, and social media profiles out there these days, has brought us a bounty of resources and materials to use with our clients – just as they intended to do.

However, they’ve also brought an added benefit that was perhaps less intentional. A possibly unforeseen bonus of having such a diverse array of colleagues mingling online, though, is getting to see the cute, creative, and downright catchy names we have donned to represent ourselves.

Each SLP-selected name gives a glimpse into the personality of the man or woman behind the profile. Knowing that these names may attract (or repeal) potential followers, most SLP entrepreneurs and bloggers do not take the task of coming up with a name lightly. However, most blog-followers and material-buyers may never get to hear the story of how the name came to be and exactly what it represents to the SLP. Well, now’s our chance to hear it from the horses’ mouths.

Here’s how I got the name “Autumn Bryant – Speech Language Investigator” (click here)

If you are an SLP blogger or seller, please do tell….

How’d you get your online SLP name?


9 thoughts on “What does your online SLP name say about you?

  1. Great question! When I started on twitter it was in 2009. At that time, I was still hoping to move back to my home state of Montana. So, my twitter handle became “montana” marySLP. It was easy to come up with that name. It was a long time before the SLP pages on FB became popular. Fast forward a few years and I started blogging. I angsted over the domain name for the blog for a long time. I did twitter polls, Facebook polls…talked with many people. Originally, I wanted PrairieSpeech but was talked out of it… I finally settled on Speech Adventures (speechadventures.com) because this career choice has been a never-ending adventure. Whether it’s moving out of state to attend school, moving around the state to work, researching, or connecting with others – it’s a never ending adventure. I’ve been very happy with that name.

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  2. One of my students was constantly saying “No, you literally do not know…” using literally in every sentence, such as “It is literally raining cats and dogs out there.” One of the teachers was extremely bothered by it and kept saying, “NO, don’t you mean figuratively?” After a year, the student comes in one day and says, “You know, figuratively speeching, it is raining cats and dogs outside.” I was trying to decide on a name, and that stuck… for better or for worse!

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  3. Dear Abby, I mean Autumn shall I confess publicly here? I opened my store right after I ran my first 1/2 marathon. I was on top of the world, in great shape, and thought running was going to always be part of my life. Well, many don’t know but getting an online store up and running along with a blog, FB page, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest is quite a time commitment. I spent about 20 hours a week on my new business while working as a FT SLP job and raising my 3 little ones. Well, consequently, my running went out the window. There it is my big fat lie I’ve felt so guilty about. The good news is that a year and 1/2 later, my SLP runner store is running without as much time and my kids are a bit more independent. My work is easier as I have made many of my products for my students so guess what? I’m exercising again, feeling great, and I even ran a mile last Saturday. Either way, SLP runner may mean I’m an SLP who physically runs or who is running around like a mad woman. There it is, my store- Y.

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  4. I’m one-third of All Y’all Need. The other two-thirds are my sister and cousin. We call public schools our “family business” but we have different jobs. I’m an SLP, my sister is a librarian, and my cousin is a teacher. When we were playing around with names, we looked at our initials – A, L and L, so that became the All. All You Need didn’t sound right, but we liked the Y’all since we are from Texas.

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  5. Hi! I’m Linda @ Looks-Like-Language. You can find me on Facebook and at TPT. When I started my store and had to come up with a name, I thought about my firm belief that visual supports are needed to treat children with significant auditory processing and language delays, as well as being helpful to most students we work with. I also have recently been learning more about social language skills and nonverbal communication. Thus, Looks Like Language!

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  6. Felice here! As long as I can remember, I have dabbled in lots of different hobbies and sports. I like to try things out and see what happens. I also dabble in hobbies by season and pretty soon, I will be picking up my knitting needles. Anyways, I always had a very diverse caseload and liked dabbling around in different materials to create unique and fun therapy. I am always looking at lots of different places for therapy materials and my blog posts reflect just that! I love using technology, low tech, crafts, print n’ go, books, toys, games, cooking and out of the box type of ideas. That’s why I am the dabbling speechie!

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  7. Hi! I’m Jen from Speech Universe. Truly, I had made a few products and had some ideas for some blog posts, and wanted to start a blog and TpT store. I hadn’t really thought of a name, but knew that I really wanted to get started! I thought about what I had to offer and what I thought I would talk/blog about. I have such a diverse caseload, that I knew I had a lot of different topics that I would cover. I tried to think of a name that would tell people that I would be exploring a wide variety of speech related topics, and speech universe came to mind. I kind of just went with it!

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  8. I’m new to this amazing online world of SLP entrepreneurs. I just marketed myself as my name. But maybe I should come up with a catchy pseudonym. Some of my students call me Mr. Hopper… nah, too boring. How about, Speech Man! That inspires superhero images, and is a comment on the fact that not many SLPs are guys!

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    • I like that, Nathan! “Speech Man” is quite catchy and sets you apart. As a consumer, if I heard “Speech Man,” I’d expect to see products that aren’t as girly and cutesy some of the others. Your name can also tell people a little bit about what kind of products to expect from you.

      Welcome to the Online SLP community 🙂

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