Binder Clip Labels and Other School-based Life Hacks

I saw in an article called “37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks” and thought I’d try it out since I was tired of always trying to peel labels off of my cardboard mailbox each year and every time a student is added or removed from my caseload.  

Using binder clips to label the mailbox slots will make re-alphabetizing a lot easier!

Since my mailbox is cardboard and a few years old, the sides were starting to buckle so I decided to also use the binder clips to reinforce the sides by placing them vertically directly under each horizontal shelf of the box.  It is working wonders 😀

Check out my pictures below and view the rest of Peggy Wang’s Teacher Hacks here:


P.S. The label itself is just masking tape – another life hack 😉



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