American History Timeline

Every now and again my husband says something brilliant!


The other day, I was talking to him about how difficult it is for some of my students to think about events in the context of time.


I will often tell my students how old I was at the time of an event in a passage, or how old my parents or grandparents were, just to give them some sort of reference to the time period.  We go on to talk about other features of the time period such as the style of clothes and popular technology.


Well, after sharing this with my husband, he very casually says, “It’s like you need a giant timeline that goes across your room.”


“BRILLIANT,” I thought!


Then I thought, it would be even better if I could add important dates from text books, novels, and other reading passages as well as important moments from the students’ own lives.


Today, I scoured the internet in search a suitable pre-made timeline.  I found ones I like at  They span from 1492 (when Columbus sailed the ocean blue) to present day (2010).


Check them out here:




I blew each one up to print out one-third of the timeline per 8.5×11 sheet of paper (for a total of 6 sheets of paper).


Then, I removed all of the content from one so that I could have a template to add important dates from 2010 to present.


Next, I searched for cute looking map markers to use in adding our own important dates.


I found some at and printed them out in pink, blue, and green.

Check them out here:



After printing out all of the timeline pages, I taped them together and laminated them.


Then, I cut out the map markers and added a few key dates with my students.  We started using the timeline to reference events in stories right away and I’m really excited to make this a regular part of our routine!


Finally, I added all of the enlarged pieces of the timeline and the map markers to a public folder in my google drive.

Here’s the link:





Timeline of U.S. History<br /><br />
1750-2010<br /><br />
hypermart.netTimeline of U.S. History 1750-2010