Tips for What to Do After a Minor Car Accident


1. Get the other driver’s A) Name, B) Phone Number, C) Insurance information D) License Plate Number, E) Driver’s License number F) (and if possible address).,

2. Get the EXACT address to wear the accident took place.

3) Stay at the scene until police arrive if possible OR proceed with the information above to the police station closest to the accident site w/ the other driver.

4) Take note of any damage to both vehicles.

5.) Take note of the color, model, and make of the other driver’s car and make sure it matches the one on the insurance card.

6) Take note of the name the driver tells you and make sure it matches the one on the insurance card.

7) Take note of any potential witnesses and get name and contact information for them as well.

8. Contact the other driver’s insurance company with this information to attempt filing a claim through them (so you won’t end up paying a deductible).

9) Contact your insurance company to report the accident and if necessary (ie. the other driver is uninsured, etc) file a claim through them. GOOD LUCK! Ahhh So many lessons learned today 😐